Travis Tritt

Music Video Monday Featuring Travis Tritt – “Take It Easy” – RIP Glenn Frey

I struggled on what to present earlier for our feature, time got away and I did not get back to any train of thought. Sadly my mind was made up by the news of the untimely passing of the Eagles founder, Glenn Frey. The impact the band and Glenn had on the music community goes without saying. His talent, his personality as well as his love for what he did touched many lives. ... read more!

Travis Tritt Talks About Strange Occurrences At His Lakeside Cabin on Lifetime’s 10/29 Episode “Haunting Of…”

It is that time of year when all the haunting ghosts and goblins come out. Stories of paranormal activities, zombies and more rise up and can scare the heck out of you. One country artist thinks his lakeside cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains is haunted. Award winning artist Travis Tritt will appear on the October 29th episode of “The Haunting Of…” which airs on Lifetime Movie Network. ... read more!

Travis Tritt Shares Songs and Stories With California Crowd — Concert Review

 I was raised on country classics like Tanya Tucker, Alabama, George Strait and Kenny Rogers, but I really got excited about the time I turned 15…that’s the first time I heard Travis Tritt sing. Travis was the leather-clad, long-haired, no-hat, outlaw of the class of ’89 that ushered in the mega success of country music in the 1990’s. It included artists like Alan Jackson, Clint Black, Vince Gill and some guy named Garth. Known for putting some drive in his country, Travis took his foot off of the pedal just a bit as he performed an acoustic show to a sold-out crowd at the Lewis Family Playhouse in Rancho Cucamunga Saturday night, January 31st. ... read more!

Travis Tritt Releases “That’s What Dreamers Do” — Single Review

Do you remember where you were back in 1989?  I remember wearing out my Travis Tritt “Country Club” cassette. It is hard to believe it has been 25 years since Travis’ first album was released. He was the no-hat, southern-rock, country -outlaw member of the famous class of ’89 that saw country mega stars like Alan Jackson, Clint Black and Garth Brooks burst onto the country music scene.  Travis had huge success with radio air play, album sales, touring and even some acting roles in the ’90’s, but like many of his fellow ’89 alums, the radio play and chart success has diminished.  However, Travis continues to tour and after a bit of a break is back with new music.  ... read more!