Travis Howard

“Nashville Unplugged” Vegas Style Gave A Flawless Night Of Musical Healing #VegasStrong

It seems recently my thoughts put down on paper have been due to some sad, shocking, questionable things that have taken place. This is another one that has taken me time to piece together in the wake of the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas on October 1st. However, when I realized what I needed I knew I would prevail. Music is healing and as hard as it was, four very unique, talented, amazing singer songwriters put it all together on October 6th, giving me a sense of peace in a world gone awry. A weekly Friday night show at Mandalay Bay, Nashville Unplugged, presented these four gentlemen, Danny Myrick, Aaron Benward, Travis Howard and Regie Hamm, known as ‘The Ghost Town Troubadours’ to help us heal, to let us know we are not alone, and we are stronger than hate. ... read more!

Songwriters Fight For Their Livelihood – Meet the Ghost Town Troubadours

You hear your favorite song on the radio by an artist without a second thought on how it was born. A songwriter has a skill, a craft but most of all a gift to bring such hits to the forefront without as much notoriety as the artist who performs them. The brotherhood of a songwriter is a strong bond that is being broken apart by those in the industry who believe they are already awarded their fair share of royalties. The industry has changed but the struggle is still real for those who put their craft out there for all to hear and The Ghost Town Troubadours are taking a stand inviting their brotherhood to join them. ... read more!

Step Into And Walk Through “Nashville Unplugged”

The concept of how or why a country song gets processed or known is left to the imagination at times. However, it is understood by some that an artist just doesn’t wake up one day and find that perfect hit. There are even some who will declare they are not great songwriters and leave it up to the professionals. Walking around the honkytonks in Nashville might be a bit different than you would visualize. It’s not full of big country stars and grand performances. What you will find is the life behind the hits, or better known as “Nashville Unplugged.” ... read more!