Trace Adkins

“Guitar Legends For Heroes Concert” Airs Dec 23rd Featuring Sam Moore, Trace Adkins, Lyndsay Ell And More

There can never be enough thanks and help given to ALL our military for their sacrifices, so we can be the Land of the Free. America Salutes You and Wall Street Rocks have joined forces for an unforgettable benefit concert “AMERICA SALUTES YOU AND WALL STREET ROCKS PRESENTS: GUITAR LEGENDS FOR HEROES CONCERT.” The unforgettable night is dedicated to our heroes to create national recognition as a “thank you” to our military, veterans and their loved ones, and will raise funds for the high impact charities that support them. ... read more!

Singer/Songwriter Kendell Marvel Delivers His Passion With Solo Album – “Lonesome & Lowdown

Songs you hear by your favorite artists just don’t appear out of thin air. As we all know there are songwriters who make it all happen. To the disbelief of some, not all artists write their own songs, which is not a bad thing nor does it make them less of a talent. Enter songwriter Kendell Marvel who has been a long time Nashville staple in the songwriting community, and has now taken that daring leap to create and present his own stellar album, ‘Lowdown & Lonesome.’ ... read more!