Jenny Gill

Jenny Gill’s Family is Expanding

Jenny Gill had some BIG and exciting news to share with fans this week. She announced that her and her husband Josh Van Valkenburg are expecting baby number in January! The couple has a son, Wyatt, who will be three in August! We are so excited for them and are sure Grandpa Vince (Gill) is ecstatic as well! ... read more!

Jenny Gill Releases “The House Sessions” — A CMM Review

Jenny Gill has been singing since she was a little girl so the release of her EP “The House Sessions,” is particularly sweet for the singer/songwriter. This project features 6 songs, 5 of which are written or co-written by Jenny and recorded in her dad’s home studio affectionately called “The House.” While Jenny has been on plenty of stages singing background vocals for her dad, Vince Gill, and her step mom Amy Grant, this EP is finally her turn to take the bull by the horns and jump into center stage. Fans that have seen her sing live have been clamoring for this release and it is no wonder why. Jenny isn’t just the daughter of a famous singer, she is a talent in her own right and this EP BEYOND demonstrates that. ... read more!

Jenny Gill Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut Ahead of “The House Sessions” Release

Jenny Gill will release her debut EP, “The House Sessions,” February 17th. The autobiographical collection of songs—five of the six of which Gill wrote or co-wrote—blends blues, Americana and country to create a sound and style as unique as she is. “Every song on this project takes me to somewhere in my past,” she says. “My favorite songs to write are those that reflect personal experiences instead of just telling a story.” ... read more!

Jenny Gill Releases “Lonely Lost Me” Music Video

Jenny Gill has a voice that will catch your attention no doubt! Yes, she is the daughter of some pretty famous singers (Vince Gill and Janis Oliver of Sweethearts of the Rodeo), but Jenny is out to make a name for herself in music and she is knocking it out of the park! Her first EP, “The House Sessions,” features the breezy, feel good “Lonely Lost Me,” and now the singer/songwriter has released her FIRST ever music video. ... read more!