Dolly Parton

Stephanie Quayle Featured In Music Video Monday – “Drinking With Dolly”

Rebel Engine Entertainment recording artist Stephanie Quayle’s music video for “Drinking With Dolly” premiered November 8th on CMT and I have hit play on it at least once a day since then. The video portrays a young Stephanie growing up listening to her a.m. radio and follows her journey to a present-day artist readying for the big stage. There is something about the simplicity of this that makes it a perfect Music Video Monday feature. ... read more!

Jennifer Nettles Brings A New Sound In Christmas Album “To Celebrate Christmas” – CMM Review

For a total Christmas lover like me, the fact that there were so many Christmas records being released this year was very exciting! Christmas came early, or at least that’s what I was thinking when the announcements first came out. We expect a Christmas album to either be moving and done with reverence, or fun, jolly, and enjoyable, or a little bit of both. Jennifer Nettles’ entered the picture with her record and gave us what we needed. ... read more!

Dolly Parton Featured In Our Throwback Thursday – “Jolene”

Our Throwback Thursday this week is from one of the real icons of the entertainment industry. Known for things from movies to theme parks, but simply put, it all started with her singing and songwriting. Dolly Parton wrote and performed “Jolene.” It was released in October 1973 as the first single from the album “Jolene.”  The song became her second solo No. 1 single on the country charts. ... read more!