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Catching Up With James Robert Webb Was A Gift – CMA Fest CMM Interview

This incredibly talented artist was in a past Wednesday’s Watch feature and since that time I have followed closely, listening to his music and tagging along on Twitter. James Robert Webb is doing something he loves; being a singer songwriter and being darn good at it. His album, “Pictures” has not gone unnoticed by the industry and with every single released from the album he has gained new fans. ... read more!

Jericho Woods Make Quite The Impression On The Music Industry – CMA Fest CMM Interview

Their Kentucky born roots run deep and the unique sound infusion of Americana, country and Muscle Shoals is what makes the group, Jericho Woods, who they are. Josh Mitcham, Paul Priest, Dustin Spencer, Jory Hutchens and Stan Nickell make up this fun loving group who are seriously talented. Industry reviews by Billboard, Music Row and more solidify it. ... read more!

The Strong Talent Of James Dupré Bringing In Rave Reviews – CMA Fest CMM Interview

When a contestant on the NBC hit show The Voice does so well all four chairs turn around you know good things are to come. James Dupré knows all to well that experience and has done nothing but soar since then. With the release of his newest album, “Stoned To Death,” produced by Jordan Lehning, he is making a big impression and gaining rave reviews from Music Row and Rolling Stone Country. ... read more!

Swedish Artist Simon Andersson Continues To Captivate Audiences – CMA Fest CMM Interview

Simon Andersson is a Swedish award winning singer songwriter who started out learning drums at the age of three. Later he ventured toward piano but after knowing he wanted to be center stage the guitar was the next to learn. Two years after launching his solo career in 2011 he walked off the Hollywood stage as the first non-american winner in the country category ever at Hollywood Music in Media Award. This gave Simon the confidence and insight that he needed to know he was on the right path to success. ... read more!

Diana Upton-Hill Will Make You Smile With Her Talent – 2016 CMA Fest CMM Interview

Third Floor Records’ recording artist Diana Upton-Hill has an invigorating smile and a talent to match. Her debut single, “Do Love Well” off the album of the same name had over 150 stations spinning the single which peaked at #48 on Music Row Charts. The album was produced by Grammy-Award winning artist, songwriter Bryan White who did a solid job. Diana’s newest single, “Southern Gentlemen” is climbing up the charts on both Music Row and Billboard. Her talent seemed to be a well kept secret but that is no longer the case. ... read more!