Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton’s “Parachute” — Single Review

Chris Stapleton skyrocketed to fame after his huge CMA night in 2015. His smash performance with Justin Timberlake coupled with his surprise wins pushed Stapleton to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Stapleton’s debut solo album, Traveller, was one of 2015’s most lauded albums, and continues to hold a place on the charts and be talked about. As far as the majority of mainstream music fans are concerned, Stapleton was an overnight star that just came out of nowhere, but to those of us who are attuned to the whole genre, shadows and all, we knew different. Stapleton has been in the music business for over a decade, both as a songwriter and an artist. ... read more!

Chris Stapleton’s Powerful New Video For ‘Fire Away’ Brings Out Many Emotions

Mercury Nashville artist Chris Stapleton’s career continues its break out status. His current powerful new video interpretation to “Fire Away” off his “Traveler” album is one that will take you into the world of the sadness of mental illness and suicide. The video, directed by Tim Mattia, portrays a young married couple as they start their road to happiness and then the curve turns to dealing with his wife’s mental illness and repeated suicide attempts. ... read more!