Country Artist Tyler Jordan Should Be On Your List Of Must Haves – CMA Fest Interview

The invite came in to catch up with someone new to us while at CMA Fest. It’s always exciting to see who is out there that needs a voice and we found that in Tyler Jordan. He has had a dream of living his life full of music and he is paving his way there now. Currently living in Nashville since 2010 after coming from a small town in South Carolina, he is trying his best to make everybody feel what he feels in his music. ... read more!

Meeting Fiona Culley For The First Time Had Us Wearing Smiles – CMA Fest Interview

Finding out about new talent is often rewarding in many ways. CMA Fest this year introduced us to one such talent. Born and raised in the small town of Litchfield, England, Fiona Culley grew up listening to her fathers’ radio blasting female singers including Linda Ronstadt, Alison Krauss and Trisha Yearwood. Although it was not the music of choice in the UK, Fiona’s love for country music quickly grew into what would become her career. ... read more!

Crystal Gayle Celebrates 40th Anniversary Release Of ‘Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue’

I recall seeing Crystal Gayle sing for the first time; amazed by the voice but I wanted her hair. So, I may be telling my age a bit now but rarely do first takes on a song become the master tracks for an artist, but that’s how chart-topping history began for her “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.” Now, four decades later, Gayle’s signature hit marks its 40th anniversary since its release on June 24, 1977. “I did not re-sing it. It just fell into place beginning with Pig Robbins’ opening work on the piano. It was magic in the studio that day,” Gayle said with a smile. ... read more!