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Abi Premiers “The Making Of ‘A Day Without’” Video For New Single, “Day Without”

There are times and events in our lives that make us take a few steps back and work through the why’s of it all. Earlier this month to coincide with Father’s Day, CMT Music and CMT.com jointly debuted the official music video for “A Day Without,” the new single from twenty-one-year-old country music songstress Abi.  The song is loosely based on the passing of Abi’s father and as the singer states in “The Making of ‘A Day Without’,” the accompanying video stays true to the song’s meaning but keeps it open for personal interpretation. ... read more!

We Finally Meet Up With Travis Rice And It Was Worth It At CMA Fest 2018 – CMM Interview

Travis Rice is no stranger to Country music, but somehow, we managed to miss out on catching up with him. This year, at CMA Fest, we made sure to not make that mistake. The Westel, TN native takes pride in conveying real life experiences in his songwriting and bringing those to life in his songs. In high school his life was geared towards athletics and music, but it is obvious what won out. ... read more!

Zach Stone Is A Name You Do Not Want To Forget, See Why At CMA Fest 2018 – CMM Interview

Singer, songwriter Zach Stone is a fresh face in Country music and a very talented one at that. The native Texan, a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, was the winner of Belmont’s “The Best Of The Best” showcase. His talents won out over a pool of more than 8000 students and that is an accomplishment. There is no surprise his career is off like a rocket. ... read more!