Concert Reviews

Phil Vassar Laid His Cards Down In Vegas And Fans Became The Winners – CMM Interview

Every artist we have had the pleasure of working with has always made what we do so easy. We have fun, learn a lot and give the artist a much-deserved platform. Phil Vassar fits on the list quite nicely with his laid-back attitude and willingness to give us his time no matter how busy. The ‘Piano Man of Country Music’ made a stop in Las Vegas on March 24th to tickle the ivories and give yet another outstanding high energy show. ... read more!

Darryl Worley Stops In Vegas For A Successful Crowd Pleasing Show – CMM Interview

If you never had the opportunity to see a Darryl Worley show for whatever reason, I hope the day comes when you can remedy that. Also for some odd reason, if you are not that familiar with his music, well now is the time to remedy that as well. You can reach back in the archives, but we suggest starting with his newest single, “Lonely Alone,” from his upcoming greatest hits album, because it is some of the best work he has done as of late. ... read more!

“Nashville Unplugged” Vegas Style Gave A Flawless Night Of Musical Healing #VegasStrong

It seems recently my thoughts put down on paper have been due to some sad, shocking, questionable things that have taken place. This is another one that has taken me time to piece together in the wake of the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas on October 1st. However, when I realized what I needed I knew I would prevail. Music is healing and as hard as it was, four very unique, talented, amazing singer songwriters put it all together on October 6th, giving me a sense of peace in a world gone awry. A weekly Friday night show at Mandalay Bay, Nashville Unplugged, presented these four gentlemen, Danny Myrick, Aaron Benward, Travis Howard and Regie Hamm, known as ‘The Ghost Town Troubadours’ to help us heal, to let us know we are not alone, and we are stronger than hate. ... read more!

Colin Raye Shared His Gift Of Music In Southern California – CMM Concert Review

We had the gift of seeing Collin Raye this past Thursday night in our hometown of Long Beach, California. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve seen him in concert, so I was really excited for the show. He certainly lived up to my excitement, as every second of the 90-minute show was thoroughly entertaining. In this life, I’ve seen hundreds of concerts, but there’s hardly been anyone else who put on as good of a show as Collin did. ... read more!

Carrie Underwood Brings “Storyteller Tour” To Albany – CMM Review

For the first time in a few years, Carrie Underwood made it to an area near my neck of the woods! (Can we all just pause and dance a major happy dance?……. ok, I’m good). Carrie brought her smash hit “Storyteller Tour” to the Times Union Center in Albany, NY on October 27th, and it was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Folks, you’ve probably heard this a million times before, but I truly hope most of you have seen this tour or will have the opportunity. ... read more!