Mary Kay

Billy Dean, Scotty McCreery, Luke Bryan Triple-Shot Tuesday Featured Artists

It sounds cliché sometimes to say that time flies, but when we are faced with the number of tragedies we’ve had recently, it becomes abundantly clear that life is indeed far too fragile and precious and should be appreciated every day. I still don’t have me a pause button, but I hope listening to these three songs helps you slow things down and take a minute to appreciate what you have in life. ... read more!

Shenandoah Releases New Single To Country Radio – First Time In 20 Years

The true country music tide is rolling back our way. Grammy Award-winning country music group Shenandoah has hit radio airwaves with brand new music. The world premiere of the legendary group’s new single, “Noise,” aired on Oct. 13th exclusively on SiriusXM Prime Country (Ch. 58). An interview with radio personality Mike Terry and a live performance of the band’s biggest hits followed the debut. ... read more!

Music Video Monday Features New Music By The Darlins – “Blackberry Whiskey”

They are fun, they are spirited, they are talented and they have a new single out, “Blackberry Whiskey.” Erinn Bates and Jude Toy, affectionately known as country duo, The Darlins are just that. Their sassy mix of blue-grass and country are a force to be reckoned with. Their first EP, ‘Crush’ was released in 2015 with great reviews bringing them much deserved attention. ... read more!

Singer/Songwriter Kendell Marvel Delivers His Passion With Solo Album – “Lonesome & Lowdown

Songs you hear by your favorite artists just don’t appear out of thin air. As we all know there are songwriters who make it all happen. To the disbelief of some, not all artists write their own songs, which is not a bad thing nor does it make them less of a talent. Enter songwriter Kendell Marvel who has been a long time Nashville staple in the songwriting community, and has now taken that daring leap to create and present his own stellar album, ‘Lowdown & Lonesome.’ ... read more!

Put On Your Two-Steppin’ Dancin’ Shoes, Darryl Worley IS Back With A New Single -“Lonely Alone”

When you want to get something so good and make it just right it takes time. I have listened to this perfect release a few times over and know it was so worth this wait. Country artist, Darryl Worley, known for his true country sound, his familiar twang and the need to get it done right, is back with a new single, “Lonely Alone.” The first song made available for an upcoming album that he is working on. ... read more!