Mary Kay

Sounds Of CMA Fest 2015 – Part Two – Music Video Monday

Welcome to Part Two of our Sounds of CMA Fest 2015. As I have said before it is tough to be in so many different places at one time especially when your trip is a quick one. I was able to catch shows by Brian Collins, Matt Kennon and James Carothers that I really enjoyed and was happy to have had the chance. I did not get to grab a video of Brian, so pardon me if I just include one of his own so you can see what a talent this young man is. I was able to get some video of Matt and James, not the best quality due to the surroundings but enough to know they are worth your time to check out. ... read more!

Emily Minor – “Wednesday’s Watch”

We see a lot of new artist’s names from time to time trying to do our best to take them all in. Often times we get information from a friend of a friend of a friend, something we can all relate to. This young lady was presented to me by a friend who I met through an artist and I will say I am glad we connected. I would have missed out on the talent that is Emily Minor. ... read more!

Catching Up With April Kry – Our 2015 February “Artist On The Rise” – CMM Interview

You hear a strong solid voice and you just have to find out who has that talent. Enter April Kry who back in February of this year was in our “Artist on the Rise” spotlight. The range, the emotion, the thoughts that go into her songwriting process and the fun are all wrapped up in one gift. During my quick trip to CMA Fest this year I was able to catch April at the Hard Rock stage to witness live what I knew all along; this girl CAN sing. We chatted for a bit and decided we would catch up a little with each other after CMA Fest once things settled down. The schedules for artists can be very hectic and I wanted to give her a chance to relax. Let’s catch up with April Kry: ... read more!

Sounds Of CMA Fest 2015 – Part One – Music Video Monday

I think I procrastinate on bringing things to you from CMA Fest 2015 because I do not want to let it end. But then again, by giving you bits and pieces as I go along may also bring back great memories for others. (I knew I would somehow make this logic work.) So today I am presenting a bit of a different twist to our “Music Video Monday” spotlight by giving you part One of some sounds of CMA Fest. ... read more!

The Cains – “Wednesday’s Watch”

Taylor, Madison and Logan Cain are not only singer-songwriters they are talented in their skills of playing guitar, piano, bass, harmonica, mandolin, drums and more. The Hartselle, AL natives heralds the passion for music for bringing them together as The Cains. Their harmonies are solid and touch country, soul, Americana and folk. The group released their debut album, “Stay On Board,” in October of 2014 and their debut single “Be Yourself With Me” hit radio. The single would produce a debut Top 50 on the MusicRow Country Breakout chart and garner the group MusicRow Magazine’s DisCovery Award – achievements almost unheard of for an independent act. ... read more!