Mary Kay

Throwback Thursday Featuring Carrie Underwood

It seems that this past week has been the Week of Carrie Underwood. Everyone has been talking nonstop about her since she announced on August 20th, that “Smoke Break” would be the new and lead single from her 5th studio album due out in October. She also announced the title and release date for the new album, which will be called “Storyteller”, that same night. The music video for “Smoke Break” was released on Monday the 24th! Talk about getting your Carrie Underwood fix! So in honor of all the hullabaloo over Carrie this week, I’ve chosen a Carrie video for this week’s throwback video feature. ... read more!

“Wednesday’s Watch” Featuring Stella // James

It can be a hazard to be on social media too much, but at times without it some new talent would be lost in the shuffle. Enter Nashville-based trio, Stella // James. After seeing some coverage and a video as well as catching their show live on Periscope from the 3rd & Lindsley Bar last night in Nashville, I was impressed and knew I would pursue the trio further. Today meet our “Wednesday’s Watch” artists. ... read more!

Phil Vassar Joins Children’s Miracle Networks Hospitals’ Miracle Band Campaign

To become involved can be simple, easy and meaningful. Singer songwriter Phil Vassar has joined celebrity spokeswoman Jennifer Lopez along with country group Lady Antebellum and rock super star Sir Paul McCartney in showing support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with the official CMN Hospitals’ Miracle Band. They are displaying a commitment to give children every chance to live a better life and support the organization’s work as well as the families affected by childhood illness. ... read more!