Mary Kay

Ray Scott – “Ain’t Always Thirsty” – Music Video Monday

Lovin can lead to heartache, heartache can lead to drinkin, the drinkin can lead to more heartache.  Sounds like a country song huh?  You have come to the right place if you want to hear a real country heartache song, the best to be released this year.  Ray Scott has captured all the raw emotions that go into losing in love and drowning that loss in the bottom of a bottle with his latest single, “Ain’t Always Thirsty,” the second release off his 2014 self-titled album. ... read more!

Jamie O’Neal – “There Is No Arizona” – Throwback Thursday Video

Yes there are still women in country music; yes we must not forget them.  In the current state it seems to be mostly about the “Hey Dude” scene, but I think some of these men do not realize the impact “back in the day” women had on country music and how the young girls would associate with what they had to say.  One such artist caught my attention many years ago, and held it.  Bring on the applause for Jamie O’Neal as our “Throwback Thursday Video” artist of the day. ... read more!

Brian Collins – “Wednesday’s Watch”

The saying goes you learn something new almost everyday.  This can surely apply to music and the artist attached with it.  This is the case with me when gearing up for Country Radio Seminar (CRS) this year.  I had the great pleasure of being led toward a bright talented young country artist.  Welcome Brian Collins to our “Wednesday’s Watch” spotlight. ... read more!