Artist Interviews

Meeting Fiona Culley For The First Time Had Us Wearing Smiles – CMA Fest Interview

Finding out about new talent is often rewarding in many ways. CMA Fest this year introduced us to one such talent. Born and raised in the small town of Litchfield, England, Fiona Culley grew up listening to her fathers’ radio blasting female singers including Linda Ronstadt, Alison Krauss and Trisha Yearwood. Although it was not the music of choice in the UK, Fiona’s love for country music quickly grew into what would become her career. ... read more!

Charming Artist Macy Martin Has Her Feet Firmly Planted In Her Career – CMA Fest Interview

We had met up with young country artist Macy Martin last year at CMA Fest but due to some unforeseen technical difficulties the video visit did not come together. Our schedules never seemed to link back up, so this year, after following her career we knew when the opportunity arose again we would make it right. It was our pleasure to get this visit in. ... read more!

Sister Trio Southern Halo Brings Out Great Young Energy – CMA Fest Interview

Southern Halo, a soulful sister trio hailing from the small town of Cleveland, Mississippi grew up in an area of the Mississippi Delta. Known for its rich musical history was a benefit for Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris along with a close-knit family that nurtured the girls love of music. Their first live performance was in Cleveland – at a local restaurant – when Hannah, the youngest, was just nine years old. The trio has crafted a signature sound that is a blend of classic Country and “Pop Country” with a dash of Southern Rock. ... read more!