Artist Interviews

Phil Vassar Laid His Cards Down In Vegas And Fans Became The Winners – CMM Interview

Every artist we have had the pleasure of working with has always made what we do so easy. We have fun, learn a lot and give the artist a much-deserved platform. Phil Vassar fits on the list quite nicely with his laid-back attitude and willingness to give us his time no matter how busy. The ‘Piano Man of Country Music’ made a stop in Las Vegas on March 24th to tickle the ivories and give yet another outstanding high energy show. ... read more!

Catching Up With Country Trio Southern Halo On New Album ‘Just Like In The Movies’ And More – CMM Interview

I was recently asked why I liked one of my favorite artists, was it him or his music. My answer was, him first then his music. Character holds a lot of weight in the music industry and I have come to feel the same sentiment towards three young ladies who are not only talented, fun, great role models and smart, but well-grounded doing what they love. Southern Halo, made up of three sisters, Christina, Natalia and Hannah, have come a long way on this journey and are not ready to stop anytime soon. ... read more!

Scooter Brown Band Rides Into Stoney’s Rockin’ Country Kickin’ Up Some Southern Rock – CMM Interview

When you listen to their music either by CD or YouTube and you like it, that means for sure you need to see these guys live. We had posted a feature last year on the Scooter Brown Band and when we saw the “name in lights” so to speak at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country in Las Vegas it was a win/win. Their artful Southern Rock sound is contagious and a tribute in a sense to those who have forged before them but still unique to their own style. ... read more!

JW Brooks Knows The Importance Of That PERFECT Cowboy Hat – CMM Interview

  A hat is a tradition in many aspects of life, be it sports, a musician, or in the military. But aside from all those selections none have been more recognized than the cowboy hat. From the days of the old westerns to the present they have been a mainstay in our culture. The hard-working father and son team from Texas, made up of Marty and Dustin Latta at JW Brooks Custom Hat Company will make sure it stays that way. ... read more!

Country Artist Pat Waters Is Keeping It Real In Texas – CMM Interview

  It has been awhile since we had a chance to catch up with a good ole boy from Texas, so we jumped at the chance when it came on our radar. 2015 CRS (Country Radio Seminar) was a busy time for us and thanks to country artist Pat Waters for being part of it. The six generation Texas native made us feel like we knew him forever and swore we would catch up again. Forward to November 29th and it finally happened. ... read more!