Artist Interviews

JW Brooks Knows The Importance Of That PERFECT Cowboy Hat – CMM Interview

  A hat is a tradition in many aspects of life, be it sports, a musician, or in the military. But aside from all those selections none have been more recognized than the cowboy hat. From the days of the old westerns to the present they have been a mainstay in our culture. The hard-working father and son team from Texas, made up of Marty and Dustin Latta at JW Brooks Custom Hat Company will make sure it stays that way. ... read more!

Country Artist Pat Waters Is Keeping It Real In Texas – CMM Interview

  It has been awhile since we had a chance to catch up with a good ole boy from Texas, so we jumped at the chance when it came on our radar. 2015 CRS (Country Radio Seminar) was a busy time for us and thanks to country artist Pat Waters for being part of it. The six generation Texas native made us feel like we knew him forever and swore we would catch up again. Forward to November 29th and it finally happened. ... read more!

Olivia Lane Ramped Things Up In Vegas At Stoney’s Rockin’ Country – CMM Interview

I, along with any crowd, loves a high energy artist who can amp it up but slow it down just as effectively. One such artist is the young very talented Olivia Lane. She is also one of those that make what we do easy. Getting the opportunity to see her live when we can is a must on our schedule. A show in Vegas on July 28th at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country afforded us that luxury. ... read more!

Country Artist Tony McKee Is Setting His Own Distinguished Path – CMA Fest Interview

Going into CMA Fest again this year gave us a wide-open canvas of artists to explore. Some we just cannot get to due to time constraints and schedules. They all stand out in different ways with varied qualities but there are times when one stands alone and the schedule works. Enter country artist Tony McKee. He was new to us and after listening to his music and reading up a bit on him, he is someone who should be heard. ... read more!

April Kry Has A Solid Strong Talent That Never Wavers – CMA Fest Interview

The strong solid voice of young female artist April Kry never wavers or fails to be impressive. I have followed her for a few years, did features on her, seen her live and have enjoyed it all. She is a firecracker who explodes in her music, along with being quite the fun fashionista. Her latest single, “While We’re Young,” highlights not only her singing but her songwriting as well. ... read more!