Abi Premiers “The Making Of ‘A Day Without’” Video For New Single, “Day Without”

There are times and events in our lives that make us take a few steps back and work through the why’s of it all. Earlier this month to coincide with Father’s Day, CMT Music and CMT.com jointly debuted the official music video for “A Day Without,” the new single from twenty-one-year-old country music songstress Abi.  The song is loosely based on the passing of Abi’s father and as the singer states in “The Making of ‘A Day Without’,” the accompanying video stays true to the song’s meaning but keeps it open for personal interpretation.

The song, which Rolling Stone Country called an “intensely delicate and moving pop-country tune,” was originally co-written by the late Andrew Dorff with Lucie Silvas and Jimmy Robbins.  It explores the dynamic emotion of loss.

“I think that we feel most passionate about intense moments of experience and emotion, which for me are love, loss, the strength of my mother and of course the loss of my father,” says Abi.  “For the video, we wanted to focus on milestone memories.  A mom and her daughter (leaving for college) and a couple separating, when one leaves to join the military.”

Inspired by everything from the marvelous pop expanse of The Beatles and Shania Twain, to the “storytelling” of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, Abi crafted her first song in third grade. She has since developed into a powerhouse vocalist and songwriter, with an impressive resume under her belt. In 2014, Abi joined Jesse McCartney’s North American tour and 2015 saw Kelly Clarkson handpick Abi to open her massive summer headline run, while she hit the road alongside Pentatonix a year later. In 2017, her single “Matches” independently caught fire; striking the sweet spot between simmering country soul, twanging guitars and a fierce hook – “Light me up ‘cause baby we’re matches” – CMT fanned the flames an early champion.

Abi is currently on an extensive radio tour in support of “A Day Without.” This song is clearly a sign of her growth as an artist but most of all the grown-up Lady she has become. I have heard more of her new music and stay close to her website, because you do not want to miss a thing. Today is her 21st Birthday and she actually gave us the gift.

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