We Finally Meet Up With Travis Rice And It Was Worth It At CMA Fest 2018 – CMM Interview

Travis Rice is no stranger to Country music, but somehow, we managed to miss out on catching up with him. This year, at CMA Fest, we made sure to not make that mistake. The Westel, TN native takes pride in conveying real life experiences in his songwriting and bringing those to life in his songs. In high school his life was geared towards athletics and music, but it is obvious what won out.

There have been many musical influences in his career that he carried in his life. Those ranged from his father’s rock love of Bruce Springsteen, Bad Company and AC/DC to his mother’s pop collection of Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. She also had a love for the country classics, and Travis connected himself with and was truly inspired by Randy Travis, Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks. So, the blend was well covered on all levels.

Travis graduated from Roane State and went on to make a smart move to Middle Tennessee State University for his bachelor’s in business, something I have always felt an artist needs in their back pocket. His music continued to keep it’s hold on him, “Having a guitar in my hand always made me feel at home no matter where I was.”

Being a thrill seeker and risk taker in his down time, can also be applied to his career. Any artist takes a risk in their lives but once he got a few hits like, “Women, Water and Beer,” When The Fish Don’t Bite,” and his current single, “Sinking Ship,” the confidence builds, and you know you made the right choice. Check out our time with Travis at CMA Fest, it was fun and glad we finally got to meet the man who will tell you: ‘If you want to know who I am, listen to my music.’  We encourage that sentiment.

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