Country Duo Waterloo Revival Gave Us New Insight Into Their Career At CMA Fest 2018 – CMM Interview

I enjoy the camaraderie with a duo, they can feed off one another, laugh at one another and still be the best of friends making their career work. Waterloo Revival is just that duo. They met at a young age and that friendship stands the test of time still today. They released their first five song EP in 2013 and never looked back.

Starting out as independent singer songwriters is never an easy road, but with their forging ahead and never giving up they landed a label deal in 2016 with Show Dog Nashville, owned by country legend Toby Keith. To say it was a highlight in their lives is an understatement. The knowledge brought forth from Toby gave them even more confidence to know they were on the right path.

Their current single, “What Guy Wouldn’t” had 20 million streams and still climbing. When you attend a Waterloo Revival show you are in for fun, good music and pure solid proof they love what they do. This year CMA Fest was busy, but we were able to work out some time with them. I had a blast getting to know Cody Cooper and George Birge and I hope after catching up with them here you will latch on to their musical train and ride with them to their continued success. You can find their music on iTunes, and Spotify, so no excuse to miss it. Ha !!

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