Ray Scott Brings His Style, Wisdom And Humor To CMA Fest 2018 – CMM Interview

I believe Independent Country artists are making strides in the genre and getting more and more recognition. Theirs is not an easy journey, they know this going in. But the love and conviction for what they do gives them the sense of purpose to make sure they give the fans their best. Ray Scott falls in to that realm and lives in his own “RAYALITY.”

Since I have become part of our site Ray has never once wavered in taking some time to catch up when we reach out. He is also a big supporter of us and others who continue to support this at times known as the “unknown field of music.”

Ray stayed busy this year during CMA Fest, with performances, autograph signings and interviews. Being famous is tough, but someone has to do it huh?  He has also been busy writing and putting together some new music which I have been fortunate to hear. I don’t know if I would call it good, I would call it damn good. He is soulful, thought provoking, and not afraid to show emotions. The clarity in these new projects are so very evident and I believe they could be some of his best works.

We were able to grab a visit with Ray and knew we were in for updated news, honesty and humor. (The humor we can always count on) So step back in time here to our last quick visit, then grab on to your hats for the new one; it is part of the world we once again mention as “RAYALITY.”

6 thoughts on “Ray Scott Brings His Style, Wisdom And Humor To CMA Fest 2018 – CMM Interview

  1. AMAZING as always Mary Kay, I thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul for introducing me to Ray. He SURELY is the REAL DEAL! He’s one of may all time faves in country music.

  2. Great interview Mary, I’ve been behind this guy since his break out in 2003 and he is still the same thankful person he was then. He still interacts with his fans after his shows and shows gratitude for what the fans have given him.

  3. He’s as humble as he is talented! That deep voice, can always tell it’s Ray Scott. Hard for Indie artists to get the big gigs…but we’ve been fans for years. Sure hope to see him play in person on the west coast! Nice interview!!

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