Catching Up With Lance Carpenter And Krystal Keith CMA Fest 2018 – CMM Interview

We had a great time with country artist Lance Carpenter last year at CMA Fest and when we had the chance to catch up this year, it was a WIN/WIN. Not only is he talented and charming he has a new directive in his career with becoming a member of the Show Dog Nashville Label and we wanted to hear all about it. I must add that bringing along his label mate Krystal Keith was an added thrill. The dynamic duo has been busy promoting their hit duet, “Anyone Else” as it continues to gain praise and climb up the charts.

At first, I thought this was an unlikely pairing, but after hearing the song and now seeing these two interact it is a perfect match. Their talent feeds off one another, their friendship has grown and has gained a new respect for what they can both bring to the table. After a two-year hiatus, Krystal is busy with her new five-song EP, ‘Boulder’ where she displays her growth in her song writing and a newer, fresher sound. Lance is also busy working on his new project on Show Dog Nashville, that we hope is out sooner than later.

This was a busy year for them at CMA Fest, but we were able to grab some time with Lance and Krystal to learn more about their pairing on the duet, their lives and what is coming up in the future. They are both strong personalities, who after sitting with them a bit, you can feel a brother/sister love relationship filled with mutual respect. Enjoy our time and I think you will get the same feeling.

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