A Loving Tribute To Glen Campbell By Daughter Debby Campbell

In honor of her father’s birthday this past weekend (April 22), Debby Campbell released ‘The Way We Were,’ a tribute album of her father’s iconic hits. Produced by Tony Mantor and released by Plateau Music, this loving project features 12 iconic hits from Glen Campbell’s catalogue.

“As hard as it was to sometimes go into the studio and sing some of dad’s songs, I knew in my heart it would help me get through his loss. The heartbreak will never go away. This was truly a labor of love and I hope it will mean as much to his fans as it means to me,” Debby Campbell shared.

“Working with Debby was a pleasure in so many ways. I get the honor to produce great songs, with a great singer, plus keep the Glen Campbell name and music alive for his fans, her fans and new fans who will hear what a talent they both are,” Tony Mantor said.

For any Glen Campbell fan, or, any country music fan, this is a must have compilation to add to your collection. You can accomplish that by ordering HERE


  1. By The Time I Get To Phoenix

  2. Shoulder To Shoulder

  3. One Of The Few

  4. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

  5. Less Of Me

  6. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine

  7. Leader Of The Band

  8. It Looks Like Rain

  9. I Will Never Pass This Way Again

  10. Only One Life

  11. Today Is Mine

  12. The Way We Were

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