Phil Vassar Laid His Cards Down In Vegas And Fans Became The Winners – CMM Interview

Every artist we have had the pleasure of working with has always made what we do so easy. We have fun, learn a lot and give the artist a much-deserved platform. Phil Vassar fits on the list quite nicely with his laid-back attitude and willingness to give us his time no matter how busy. The ‘Piano Man of Country Music’ made a stop in Las Vegas on March 24th to tickle the ivories and give yet another outstanding high energy show.

The Chrome Room at Santa Fe Station is a small intimate setting that was rockin’ with the Phil Vassar sound as he performed some of his greatest hits, such as “Carlene,” “Just Another Day In Paradise,” “Little Red Rodeo,” and more. His best approach has been not to work on any particular set list, thriving off requests which brings the crowd into every show. For nearly two hours Phil and the guys never missed a beat, wasting no time bringing out the fun and spontaneity that we have grown to love.

Phil recently announced a new single, “Fall Crazy,” and ‘Look Back Forward,’ album news. His out take on the album name is interesting and quite simple as he explains it. Next month Phil heads out for a UK tour, comes back, continues touring in promotion of his new music along with other news to share.

As many of us think, ‘there never seems to be enough time in a day,’ Phil seems to not miss a minute to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. “Fall Crazy” is available on iTunes and the album will make it’s opening release in the UK next month. To make sure not to miss out on any further Phil news stop by his website and his social media platforms. But first, sit back and hang with us as we catch up on all the news. Thanks again to his crew for always being there for us.

5 thoughts on “Phil Vassar Laid His Cards Down In Vegas And Fans Became The Winners – CMM Interview

  1. Phil is my favorite singer, and I told him that once in North Carolina. My favorite song is “Last Day of My Life”. It should have been No. 1 for months. I would love to schedule some concerts for him and be his Manager. He needs someone who thinks they care for him as much as I do to introduce his songs around the country….to give him the airplay he deserves. No one touches his type music. I still love old country, and some of his is that. Wishing Phil Vassar
    the very best of God’s blessings. By the way, Phil, you have gorgeous daughters…much like their dad. Love you and wish you were in NC a lot!!!!! April 1, 2018

    1. He has an excellent tour manager who cares a lot about him & takes Phil’s shows everywhere possible. He is not so much interested in airplay, he just wants to tour and play wherever he can. He continues to have his loyal fans hang with him and always making new. He is doing just fine.

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