Wednesday’s Watch Features The Classic Country Sound Of Cherish Lee

Refreshing and talented are great assets for any artist; Cherish Lee carries both. The daughter of Johnny Lee (country music legend, Urban Cowboy’s “Lookin’ For Love”) and Charlene Tilton (television sex pot vixen, Lucy Ewing on hit TV show, “DALLAS”) is no stranger to the country music scene. After spending a few years on the road touring with her dad, she moved to Nashville and has been making waves ever since.

Cherish quickly gained her own recognition as a singer, songwriter, and was recently named among Billboard’s “15 Country Artists To Watch In 2018.” Last October, she released the first single from her record titled “Tequila Cowgirl,” along with her music video debut. It’s honest music that tells a story, and her voice conveys it beautifully, with all the attitude that her fans have come to expect from her. This project can be found on iTunes.

Her debut album, ‘Tequila Cowgirl’ has already been lauded with a great review from Coti Howell of Nashville Noise. “[Tequila Cowgirl] was the perfect introduction to Lee and her classic country sound with a rock ‘n roll edge. After all, “This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Country Song.” The debut album is now days away from its release and it can best be described as honest storytelling. Lee doesn’t pretend to have it all together (you’ll notice that in “Diamonds and Flaws”) and she’s unapologetically herself. She co-wrote all of the song’s tracks, making this debut truly her own story.”

Not sure how this young lady passed me by, but through a great source who quickly educated us we have decided the spotlight is hers to have. To learn more, stop by

Tequila Cowgirl Track Listing:
1. This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Country Song  (Cherish Lee & Bill DiLuigi)
2. Scream  (Cherish Lee, Bill DiLuigi & Pete Sallis)
3. Sweet Sweet  (Cherish Lee & Bill DiLuigi)
4. One Pillow Over ft. Mike Harmeier  (Cherish Lee, Bill DiLuigi & Matthew Womack)
5. Diamonds And Flaws (Cherish Lee & Bill DiLuigi)
6. Wyatt’s Song  (Cherish Lee & Bill DiLuigi)
7. Tequila Cowgirl  (Cherish Lee & Bill DiLuigi)
8. Ones You Leave Behind  (Cherish Lee, Leslie Powell & Karl Rybacki)

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