Renowned Country Artist Michael Peterson Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Debut Album – CMM Interview

Country music from the 90’s was a stepping stone for many young artists with some great long-lasting hits and careers. Although some careers slowed down, the hits remained. A renowned and well-respected country artist among that class was Michael Peterson. The Grammy nominated singer/songwriter released his debut album under Warner/Reprise and brought a style all his own. Now after 20 years he is celebrating that album with an anniversary edition to be released March 31st.

His debut song, “Drink Swear Steal & Lie,” was the one that caught my attention. The single went to #3 on the Billboard charts, followed by “From Here To Eternity,” which lauded Michael his first #1. Other hits included, “Too Good To Be True,” “When The Bartender Cries,” and “By The Book.” The album was certified gold by the RIAA for shipping 500,000 copies to the US.

Michael has always kept his music interests alive as well as working on different projects throughout his career. He held a two-year residency in Branson, MO as the founder and musical director of the critically acclaimed, “Raiding The Country Vault.” Now on the 20th Anniversary of his debut album it is once again time to celebrate a career that has spanned over the years. The project not only reprises his hits but also pays tribute to such classics as, “Wichita Lineman,” “Friends In Low Places,” “A Boy Named Sue,” and his current released single and video, “Lookin’ For Love,” which is currently at #2 on the European country music charts.

The Arizona native, who currently resides in Las Vegas was gracious enough to set some time aside for a visit. We caught up on so much and picked an absolutely grand location at Red Rock Canyon just outside of Vegas. Even though there was no sunshine as we had hoped, the sunshine Michael brought was good enough for me. Listening to the upcoming anniversary album while writing this has drawn me back to some great memories of a time when country music was solid, sound and true to the core. What Michael brings to this will once again make you realize his talent and what a genuine Master of Music that he carries with it. To pre-order go to 37 Records.

Enjoy our visit, as well as the background sounds which are courtesy of a few fly overs and some furry pets with their owners making Red Rock Canyon part of their early morning as well. That’s live for ya!!

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  1. Great article and video! Michael has written some great songs that probably many don’t know. Not to mention he has an awesome voice.

    Great Background

    Great Job!

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