Country Duo Stafford Stevens Spotlighted In Wednesday’s Watch

The word different can have many meanings, but in this case, it fits in a good way to country duo, Stafford Stevens. They boast their style as a contemporary garage country sound with a hint of bluegrass. What makes them even more unique is that they perform live as only a two-piece act with a female drummer and male guitarist/vocalist.

Brett Stafford Smith, is a lifelong songwriter from Alabama. He moved to Nashville and played the bar scene on Broadway for a few years but longed to be a part of something musically bigger than himself: a band. It was at a gig in Music City that he met Taryn Stevens who was a traveling nurse living in Nashville by way of Michigan. She was raised playing the piano but had never practiced percussion before meeting Brett. The two began to spend time together, forming an unbreakable bond through their mutual love of good times, music, and each other.

Brett started looking for a drummer for a two-piece project he was envisioning and hoping to bring to reality. To his surprise, Taryn offered to learn how to play the drums. Brett became her teacher and things seemed to meld together perfectly as he saw how quickly she learned. Together, they cultivated a harmonious sound and this revelation marked the birth of Stafford Stevens.

Stafford Stevens released their 6 song EP to music streaming sites on 2/22/18 which included songs, “B.Y.O.B Weekend Party,” “League of Your Own,” and “I’ll Hold You Up.” Their sound is real, raw and like I stated earlier, different. I can always appreciate those qualities in artists because they are in it for the love of what they do. To learn more about Stafford Stevens go to their website, plus make sure to catch every song on the EP, they are all as unique as this talented duo.

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  1. The Stafford Stevens live act is really fun and interactive! Staffords vocals are smooth country and Stevens is mezmerizing.

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