Matt Rogers Featured In Monday Must Watch Video

Once you hear and meet Matt Rogers you know you have hit the jackpot. The Award-winning singer/songwriter and Georgia native, has released the lyric video for his current single, “Britches,” exclusively on The Boot. “Britches” draws inspiration from Matt’s childhood and special words of wisdom bestowed upon him by his grandfather, “Pep.”

The lyric video highlights Matt and Pep’s special bond by featuring home videos of them together when Matt was a child. “Britches” is the second single from Matt’s EP ‘Richest Place On Earth,’ which was released in summer ’17.

“Richest Place On Earth has many great songs, the one that stands out to me the most is “Britches.” I think most of us can relate to having that family member that you can talk to. The one that would bend the rules for you. This song really speaks to the heart.” – Amanda Andrews, Nashville Music Guide.

Matt creates a connection with his listeners through his emotionally gripping lyrics and unmistakable melodies. His talent has caught the attention of thousands of fans as well as country music legends like TG Sheppard, “[Matt’s] the real deal…the total package. [He’s] a great singer, a great picker and a great songwriter.”

He has also received commendation from industry tastemaker, Robert K. Oermann. Oermann selected the title track of Matt’s EP, Richest Place On Earth, for Music Row’s DisCovery Award. Oermann praised the track saying, “Extremely well written and sung with fire and conviction. Play this.”

We met with Matt for the first-time last year at CMA Fest and fell head over heals for his talent, his spirit, his smile and his love for what he does. Catch the visit here

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