Scooter Brown Band Rides Into Stoney’s Rockin’ Country Kickin’ Up Some Southern Rock – CMM Interview

When you listen to their music either by CD or YouTube and you like it, that means for sure you need to see these guys live. We had posted a feature last year on the Scooter Brown Band and when we saw the “name in lights” so to speak at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country in Las Vegas it was a win/win. Their artful Southern Rock sound is contagious and a tribute in a sense to those who have forged before them but still unique to their own style.

Vegas is full of different venues and avenues to have a good time, and Stoney’s draws the Country crowd that enjoys a night out of kickin’ up their heels and throwin’ back a few. The guys from Scooter Brown Band fit right in from the time they hit the stage to perform for the anxious crowd. No pomp, no circumstance, no hoopla: just some good old “here we are” Southern Rock. They immediately pull you in when you hear the licks on, “Pistols’ & Pearls,” “Pills & Whiskey,” “Won’t Back Down,” “Guitars, Guns & Whiskey,” and of course the current single, “American Son,” which also holds as their latest album title.

The group idea was formed in 2005 after founder, Scott Brown, having served four years and three months, two tours overseas with one tour of combat in Iraq as a US Marine decided to take his guitar in hand, get some guys together and hit the road as regional artists in and around Houston, Texas. Some members have changed along the way, but the passion and drive did not. What you hear now is solid, stand up and true to who they are.

The guys were gracious enough to let us hang for while before the show to get to know them better, learn more about their journey, their thoughts on different topics and where they are headed in 2018. Do not hesitate to see these guys if you get the chance, you will appreciate their sound and their souls. Catch the video below and to step back in time for our first introduction click here

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