Vince Gill and Luke Bryan’s Gift Giving Game is STRONG

What was your favorite Christmas gift this year? Was it your brand new Lexus SUV or your two adorable Kangaroos? Wait, What? Well if you are Vince Gill’s daughter Jenny or Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline then those would probably be your favs!

Luke posted a video of him handing Carolyn a bag telling her it was designer purses and when she opened up there were two tiny baby kangaroos in there for their Barn “Brett’s Barn.” She seemed rather excited. Now Luke has posted a picture of the pair, now known as Margo and Todd, in front of the fire place….they are definitely living their best life now. 

Jenny Gill posted a picture of herself next to a beautiful Lexus SUV writing that her dad decided to upgrade his grandkids’ ride (Jenny has 3 year old Wyatt and is due with baby number 2 in two weeks). She said she had her old car for 13 years and that she cried when receiving this generous gift! 

I would say those are some gifts to remember! 

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