Silverado Records Artists Present ALL Original Christmas Compilation – “A Very Nashville Christmas”


I love the traditional Christmas songs, but when artists put together a compilation of new and all original works it takes on a more special meaning. These songs are not easily done, since you know they will get played only around the Holidays, so you must make them stand out for folks to want to hear them repeatedly as well as bring them out again next year. The artists at Silverado Records did just that with ‘A Very Nashville Christmas.’

This family of artist have produced an incredible exciting and unique Country Christmas experience, with ten all new original Christmas songs. The Silverado Records roster is on-board, along with some great friends of the label. Every song is new and original, and spans an expansive array of holiday emotions.

The songs range from upbeat, bluesy, rockin’ and some that make you want to grab that loved one from under the mistletoe and dance the night away. They are all standouts songs to me, so I cannot pick one over the other, I love them all. There is still time to get this album on iTunes to keep you in that Christmas spirit. Also, once you listen check out all the great talent on this project, they are not to be overlooked.

A Very Nashville Christmas track listing:

  1. All Year For – David Adam Byrnes 03:40

  2. New Tradition For Christmas – Crystal Yates 03:06

  3. You And Me And The Christmas Tree – Ali Morgan 03:07

  4. Marry Me For Christmas – Brandon Chase 04:07

  5. Christmas Missing You – Tyler Jordan 04:29

  6. OMG Its December – The Young Fables 03:06

  7. Christmas All The Time – Dave Kennedy 03:25

  8. That Time Of Year – Tony Winkler 03:49

  9. Dont Save It All – Daughter Jack 04:30

  10. Ain’t Nothing Merry – Liv Waters

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