Vince Gill Shares New Song — “Forever Changed”

Vince Gill is the greatest of the greats. His voice is always on point, his guitar playing is beyond belief and his songwriting is meaningful. I first heard Vince sing “Forever Changed” quite a few years ago at a benefit show. I was immediately brought to tears by the poignant lyrics and raw emotion. The song talks about a very hard subject to deal with….the lasting effects child molestation has on its victims. 

Vince had said he wrote it once after hearing all the horrible stories on the news and how saddened he was that these people hurt children. I think the song will resonate with a lot of people. He plans to record the song and put it on his next project which their is currently no release date for at this time. If you haven’t heard this important song, take a listen below. 

Vince will be on “The Voice” performing with the Top 8 Tuesday, December 19th

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