Carrie Underwood Prepares for Her Epic CMA Wardrobe Changes

The CMA Awards are literally just a couple nights away! EEEEEK! The excitement is building! So many things to look forward to on the show….one being Carrie Underwood’s many outfit changes! She recently sat down with . 

The “Church Bells” singer talked about how they chose clothes for the big night….this year some mini dresses, ball gowns and more…and she dished on how they get those quick changes! She said her record was in 2012 when she had to make a change in 40 seconds! NOW THAT IS FAST!

She said,

“When we get the running order of the show, we’re like, ‘Okay these are complicated so we’re gonna need more time,’ so we try to just plan where things that might need a little more time get a little more time,” she explains. “And there are easy changes, like, ‘Oh, we have five minutes, that’s a lifetime in TV-quick-change world. We make the time count.”

Sounds like it takes just about as much planning as the monologue! Can’t wait to see this years dresses! Tune in Wednesday November 8th on ABC!

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