Darryl Worley Stops In Vegas For A Successful Crowd Pleasing Show – CMM Interview

If you never had the opportunity to see a Darryl Worley show for whatever reason, I hope the day comes when you can remedy that. Also for some odd reason, if you are not that familiar with his music, well now is the time to remedy that as well. You can reach back in the archives, but we suggest starting with his newest single, “Lonely Alone,” from his upcoming greatest hits album, because it is some of the best work he has done as of late.

Darryl is not the typical “Young Guns” of country music story. He came to Nashville as a songwriter and decided he could give that singing a shot and at the age of 35 landed his first record deal. Times sure have changed but not the way he has managed his career. Darryl has always remained steadfast in his love and belief in true country music and such hits as, “A Good Day To Run,” “Tennessee River Run,” “Family Tree,” “Second Wind,” “Awful Beautiful Life,” are proof. With all these hits on his resume the one he will most be remembered for is, “Have You Forgotten?,” the 9/11 tribute ballad released in 2003. The song reached Number One in its fifth week on the charts, holding on for seven more, and certified gold by the RIAA and touched many at the time and still to this day.

Saturday, November 4th Darryl made a stop in Vegas at the Access Showroom inside the Aliante Casino for what I found to be yet another great show, full of old hits and a couple from his new upcoming greatest hits album. After listening to the new ones, “Livin’ The Dream,” and “Lay It On Me,” there is no doubt this release will be worth the wait. There is a new energy about Darryl, a new confidence, as well as a peacefulness in where his life is right now. The vibe was felt by the crowd, who hung onto his every story telling word and had fun singing along to those hits.

Got there early enough to spend some time with Darryl before the show to catch up from our visit last year. He was excited to share what has been going on, what direction things are going and more. We always appreciate his time, he’s just laid-back fun.

Darryl starts out by giving us the low down on his current single, “Lonely Alone.”

“We’ve stumbled around and found somethin’ that we wrote and recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL. It has been available now for a bit and the guys at satellite radio are going to drop it on SiriusXM The Highway in a couple weeks. I’ll go out to Sirius to hang out with Storme Warren and do the debut. We are excited, it seems to be stirrin’ people up a bit and something that I am certainly proud of. We kind of created a bit of a new sound around this music, but not drastically different than what we have done in the past, but just a new type of vibe. The lyric video is out but we are getting closer to shooting our own video for the song with a general idea about the treatment and what we’re gonna’ do. It’s not time yet for that, but we still have the idea in mind. The satellite thing will take some time, but I think about half-way through that run we will have something prepared for the actual video.”

“The video should give the song a kick, but I just have a gut feelin’ that we may have a run with mainstream radio even after satellite is over with. I think people are gonna’ migrate to it, but we really haven’t started droppin’ the big bombs yet so it will be real interesting to see what happens after it has the run on Sirius. I am not real sure about the downloads on all the streaming outlets, since it’s been only about three weeks. The girls have worked real hard on early full coverage of the song and I am just anxious to see the spins after we really get things in high gear.”

We mentioned his upcoming greatest hits album and now we can get a little more in-depth detail.

“The new song is part of the very first volume of greatest hits that will be released early next year. We were gonna’ try to get that project out this year but when the single happened, things changed after I got to talkin’ to Storme a few days prior to the passing of Troy Gentry. He played me a song the guys were thinking of releasing as a single and that’s how I wound up playing this song. Storme just flipped over it and took it in to play in one of their morning meetings and it was a big hit. They gave me the freedom to do what I wanted, it was big boost for me since I had not really had a lot of activity with satellite other than them playing my songs on the appropriate channels. This will be chance for me to get to know that whole gang a little bit better and visit the different stations. The greatest hits package is pretty much finished with eight of the old songs on this one with seven brand new ones.”

“The original plan was to do the 15 tracks for the 15th anniversary for my first Number One, which was, “I Miss My Friend,” but when I found out we were going to the get “Lonely Alone” on the radio we figured we could make whatever changes we needed to. Plans are never that solid in the music business, so you just do what you have to do. Songwriter Billy Lawson has been instrumental from early on in my career and we were talking about the Christian project I’ve got comin’ up when he suggested doing a greatest hits album cause I really need to own that. So that’s what we did and really excited for everyone to hear it.”

Darryl is very proud of the Darryl Worley Foundation and yet again had another successful Tennessee River Run event this year along with some other projects. You can see the shine in his eyes when he talks about all the things involved in helping this foundation help others.

“We are not yet done for this year. There is still another big event at Pickwick. We usually have a huge writers in the round at the mayors’ house in Savannah, GA in the fall, but that didn’t happen this year due to some scheduling issues and decided to try to piece it back together in the Spring. So Marsha, who helps me set up the boat poker run, stated she has been wanting to hold one of those offered to hold something similar at Pickwick. There is a phenomenal lineup for this November 17th event, I am getting calls from everywhere and I know it will be a sold-out event. I figure we can raise $50 to $60,000 that night.”

When an artist or songwriter sets their sights on a career, be it in Nashville, TX or wherever, you wonder if there was ever a timeline set for success. Many truly do not set one and Darryl is no exception and has a great outlook as to why.

“My dad and I had a conversation about this. I got started as a songwriter and I guess somewhere along the way I just realized that this is what I do. My dad said a couple of things in one of those conversations, and I just said to him, ‘Where’s your head at, why don’t you just come out with it.’ He answered, ‘I was just wonderin’ how much time you gonna’ give this. You got this education and all this experience in the chemical industry, so I just wondered.’ I went on to explain to him, ‘I guess I thought you and I already had this conversation or maybe I thought you would have figured it out by now. Dad, this is it, I don’t know how that grabs you, but this is what I’m gonna’ do. I don’t know what level I’m gonna’ make it to but this is it. I am passionate about it, it feels good to me, so you need to figure out how to wrap your head around that.’

“I believe this with all my heart, if you start putting those kinds of deadlines on yourself, then you’re thinkin’ in the back of your head that’s when I’ll give this up? If you have the least little inkling that you’re not gonna’ make it, like even that thought, then you probably won’t. I had to get any of those thoughts out of my head and remember how my mother was, always thinking positive and said you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, but you can’t think negatively, you have to think positive.”

“I have done the impossible in my career with my first record deal at age 35 which was unheard of. Heck I looked 25 at the time so that was on my side. (A very loud laugh!!) I have been blessed with so much. Before this new music came into full play I took some time to regroup, learned to be a better dad to Savannah, spent valuable family time with everyone and I feel that gave me the energy and excitement I have now. I am one lucky guy.”

Thanks to Darryl for another relaxed insightful visit, and thanks to his amazing crew who are always so gracious in making what we do easy. Make sure to get the new single, “Lonely Alone,” on all streaming outlets and catch the debut on SiriusXM. You may also want to put some shopping money aside for that greatest hits album, you don’t want to miss out. To keep up on the release and more go to his website.

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