Put On Your Two-Steppin’ Dancin’ Shoes, Darryl Worley IS Back With A New Single -“Lonely Alone”

When you want to get something so good and make it just right it takes time. I have listened to this perfect release a few times over and know it was so worth this wait. Country artist, Darryl Worley, known for his true country sound, his familiar twang and the need to get it done right, is back with a new single, “Lonely Alone.” The first song made available for an upcoming album that he is working on.

The tides have changed, or “evolved” as some would say, in this genre, yet hearing this release makes us have faith that the tide has truly not completely come to shore. Since his first hit with “When You Need My Love” back in 2000, to “Good Day To Run”, “I Miss My Friend”, “Tennessee River Run”, “Awful Beautiful Life”, and more the West Tennessee native has touched his many fans and country music in general with a feeling of down home easy livin’ warmth and fun. His poignant song, “Have You Forgotten”, is proof of his love for his country and was monumental in the grieving process after 9/11.

“Lonely Alone” touches on how one may be better off alone than having someone in their life that has no place. If there is no love, then why continue to waste life, which is so precious to begin with. The song plays way into the level of country music we are missing today. Don’t miss this opportunity to go back in time, do a little two-steppin’ and enjoy the fact that Darryl Worley IS back with something very special and in doing so has not missed a step.

If we do not hear this on country radio, there will be NO solid reason anyone will be able to give me as to why not. If this first single is any indication of what is to come, the album will be amazing. “Lonely Alone” is now available for download on iTunes and Amazon. Also to catch up with Darryl and see if he will be in your neck of the woods stop by his website.

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