“Nashville Unplugged” Vegas Style Gave A Flawless Night Of Musical Healing #VegasStrong

It seems recently my thoughts put down on paper have been due to some sad, shocking, questionable things that have taken place. This is another one that has taken me time to piece together in the wake of the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas on October 1st. However, when I realized what I needed I knew I would prevail. Music is healing and as hard as it was, four very unique, talented, amazing singer songwriters put it all together on October 6th, giving me a sense of peace in a world gone awry. A weekly Friday night show at Mandalay Bay, Nashville Unplugged, presented these four gentlemen, Danny Myrick, Aaron Benward, Travis Howard and Regie Hamm, known as ‘The Ghost Town Troubadours’ to help us heal, to let us know we are not alone, and we are stronger than hate.

Nashville Unplugged has been in Vegas now for over eight years and has grown to be a great success. The momentum has built since moving to the Mizuya Lounge located inside the Mandalay Bay over a year ago. Hosted by Aaron and Travis, each week brings new and interesting singer songwriters who give you an inside intimate approach to what is behind the hits you hear.

The evening is filled with acoustic music, stories behind the songs, and a comradery known only to those who wear this badge of honor. Previous guests over the years have been Keith Anderson, Toby Keith, Kyle Jacobs (songwriter, producer & husband to Kellie Pickler), Kendell Marvel, Dean Sams, (Lonestar), Scott Reeves (of country duo Blue County) and many more. If ever in town on a Friday night stop by, you will be glad you did. You can keep up to date on the guests by following their Facebook page.

Talking with Aaron after the show he stated, “It was a struggle to know if this was the right thing, was it too soon, how would we present it with the right words and songs. All we knew is we had to be here to help the healing in the way that we knew how.”

I am not here to preach on the tragic events in Las Vegas, nor will we pose any political or non-political rhetoric, it is not wanted or necessary. We were indoors nearby that evening, and when informed of the events that unfolded our hearts and minds went numb, we could not catch our breath not knowing the extent of this tragedy. This affected the entire city, everyone in it, not only the Rt91 Festival crowd but also those visiting. What unfolded that night and for days to follow in this town was a testament of no prejudice, no hate, no questions asked other than, ‘What can I or we do to help.’

It was a somber week, somethings we will never fully wrap our minds around knowing once again our world has changed. Country fans, artists and their teams are strong, resilient, caring, emotional people. This happened to all of us in one way or another, yet, music does lead to the path of healing, to coping, to reaching out in ways some cannot comprehend. After the show we went to the memorial site by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Once there, and then going back again the next day, I knew I had finally found a safe place within this tragedy that will never let me forget, but a place that allows me to remember what got me there.

We send continued prayers for healing to all the victims, their families and friends and to all of you. Find a spot, grab some music, share it or keep it to yourself but know that we ARE strong and behind you. Take as much time as you need, but venture out to another show, talk to someone to share your feelings and thoughts with, but do not live in fear, then hate wins. Thank you, Danny, Aaron, Travis and Regie for bringing us just what what we needed. I will be forever grateful.

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  1. What I would give to come to Vegas to see Aaron and Travis and the rest of the songwriters. When they’re in Nashville, I never miss their shows. I go to songwriter shows here two or three times a week. Love you guys.

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