Maren Morris Releases Song Featuring Vince Gill “Dear Hate” in the Wake of the Horrible Vegas Tragedy

I have sat here and looked at a blank page trying to decide how to even start writing something in regards to the horrific tragedy in Vegas. My heart hurts so deeply for all the families who have lost a loved one, all the people so gravely injured and all the other people too who witnessed something NO ONE should ever EVER have to see. 

It is not only a sad day for the country music community, but for our country as this was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. History. Our world can be a very very scary place and events like this are a sad reminder of that fact. We are praying for everyone and thankful for the first responders as well as concert goers that so bravely helped those who needed it in the face of disaster. 

Maren Morris put this song out today. It features Vince Gill. She said she wrote it 3 years ago and recorded last year and decided it needed to come out today. She is donating all proceeds for the song to Music City Cares Fund. It is called “Dear Hate.” Take a listen below.
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