Garth Brooks Announces Release Of Part One Of Five-Part Anthology Book

Pearl Records’ artist, Garth Brooks is a never-ending man at work. He recently announced the release of part one of a five-part anthology book series on Tuesday, November 14th, entitled “Part 1, The First Five Years.” The Garth-penned book will offer a detailed look at the first five years of his career as told by Garth himself and those involved with the creating, recording, and promotion of the first five albums.

Garth has also packaged five discs inside the book, which will contain music that has never been heard, songs written before the debut album, outtakes, first takes, demos, never-before-seen photos, sessions charts, tracking sheets, and even different master versions of popular hits, all within the 240-page book.

Every fan is eager for this release and I can see this on the Christmas gift list already. So, start the budget early.


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