Luke Bryan Joins “American Idol” Revival

I knew it wouldn’t last. Good bye “American Idol” WAIT…..just kidding IT IS BACK! I kind of wish it wouldn’t be coming back if I am perfectly honest…I mean, they should have just gone out on a high note, but nevertheless it is coming back and I am sure I will be glued to my T.V. The question that was looming over this revival was who will feel the judges chairs? The verdict is now in….well, sorta and according to Luke Bryan is officially taken one of the chairs along side Katy Perry! 

They are still one judge short and have also wrangled Ryan Seacrest back on deck for hosting. So country music will be represented. Luke has a big personality so I think he can pull it off, although it will be hard to fill Keith’s shoes because he really did the job justice. Only time will tell! 

Will you tune in? 

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