Shelly Fairchild Is In Our Music Video Monday Feature – “Mississippi Turnpike”

If you want honesty, spunk, sunshine, soul, fun, strength in music and personality then you need to be a fan of Shelly Fairchild. An indie artist such as this brings this entire package in her own way on her own terms. The Jackson, Miss. native started the project for her latest album, ‘Buffalo’ in May 2014, launching a PledgeMusic campaign in the hopes that she would find support of her endeavor – and after reaching her goal in just two days, she realized she had. Her latest single, “Mississippi Turnpike” is just one example of how great this endeavor turned out.

Shelly is not new to the music scene having been a staple in the Nashville music community for years. She came out strong with her debut album, ‘Ride,’ in 2005 introducing her soulful brand of alternative country and putting out a Top 40 hit with, “You Don’t Live Her Anymore.”

This young talent has toured with some of the biggest names in the format, including Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Martina McBride and Tim McGraw, and began to dig her roots in the industry. She again found success in her second release, ‘Ruby’s Money,’ which came steeped in a thick groove with elements of funk. Shelly has sung background vocals for Jason Aldean, and Ray Scott to name a few and continues to keep her arrow pointed in the right direction in her career.

She has been that staple yet feels she is just getting started. “At times, I’ve gotten down about my own path, but when I look at it – it’s not full of detours or dead ends,” said Shelly. “It’s a wide path, and it’s full of a lot of amazing things.”

To learn more about Shelly and find some of what you may have missed stop by her website and catch up. Furthermore, do yourself a favor and purchase her latest album, ‘Buffalo’,  on iTunes, you will be glad you did.

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