Welcome Stella Parton As Our Wednesday’s Watch Artist

Some say it’s not easy having the same last name of someone very prominent in the country music world, and it must be tough following in their footsteps. Our Wednesday’s Watch artist has made those steps away from it on her own. Stella Parton has blazed her way to a very successful career as a singer songwriter, author and advocate for domestic violence.

Stella was one of the very first “Indie” artists, before the phrase was coined. At the young age of 24, she wrote, produced, recorded and secured the promotion/distribution for her very first album, ‘I Want To Hold You (In My Dreams Tonight).’ Releasing it on her own label, the album and title single became huge hits on the country charts – at a time when the industry was controlled by the major labels and very much a good ole boy system. With this she took Nashville by storm – topping the charts. With her maverick spirit, she continued to move forward. Stella has performed alongside Chet Atkins, George Jones, Hank Jr., Merle and Johnny Cash to name a few.

At the request of her sister Dolly, Stella served as a consultant on the made-for-tv movie, “Coat of Many Colors” and landed the role of “Corla Bass.” The film was based on her sister Dolly Parton’s well-known song “Coat of Many Colors.” Stella’s first foray into acting was on the hit TV series The Dukes of Hazzard where she starred as Officer Price alongside John Schneider, Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach. She was the first country artist to guest star on the show in a character role and since that time she has shared the screen with numerous notables including Louis Gossett Jr. and Gena Rowlands.

Stella released an album, ‘Mountain Songbird’, dedicated to her sister Dolly as well as ‘Last Train to Memphis’, an album of Rockabilly covers which coincided with a sold out 4-week Scandinavian tour. This sassy very multi-talented lady is someone you should know, if you don’t already. Catch up on anything we may have missed at stellaparton.com.

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  1. The saying , “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” It’s that tree that built this family. Parton women are powerful and self respect or invidual respect is your blessing to you! In knowing it.

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