Olivia Lane Ramped Things Up In Vegas At Stoney’s Rockin’ Country – CMM Interview

I, along with any crowd, loves a high energy artist who can amp it up but slow it down just as effectively. One such artist is the young very talented Olivia Lane. She is also one of those that make what we do easy. Getting the opportunity to see her live when we can is a must on our schedule. A show in Vegas on July 28th at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country afforded us that luxury.

Olivia is thrilled to always bring her music to a venue where her fans can hang and where she can also make new ones. But we think the bigger thrill for her this time was opening for the amazingly gifted Brandy Clark. A tall order but one that she accomplished with ease. From the time she came out rockin’ with her kickin’ band to the end of her set the she owned the stage. Her crowd interaction does not go unnoticed and her ease into which she slides from one song to the next keeps you hanging on.

We got there early enough to grab our table and catch some time with Olivia before her set. We last met up with her in San Diego last year, so we had some catching up to do. Things have been pretty low key for her the past few months, and she explains.

“The last six months I’ve been in the studio and one of the results is my newest release, “Wrong Girl” and the video debuted on Billboard so that was super exciting. I have been working on more music and will be releasing a song every couple months. I have gone out of my realm a bit in my new music because my last EP I came out with a year ago was an experimentation with me. I got to co-produce the songs allowing me to play with a lot of sounds, figuring out the things I like in my own music. What I have coming up reflects the journey I’ve been on. “Wrong Girl” is a great first step in what the new chapter’s going to be. I find myself to be a melting pot of influences, I love country, pop, R&B, rock n roll and they all play into the sound I am going for.”

Olivia is turning out her songs a bit different this time around, not the usual CD or EP. The concept of her plan is pretty interesting.

“We are actually doing single, by single. With each single that comes out every two months, I’ll be putting out content, debuting some acoustic videos of other songs. Just putting things out there one by one because it’s pretty much a singles game especially with streaming. I am trying organically to continue to build my fan base through the net, through performing and any other way I can.”

Every artist who takes a step back or downtime to concentrate on new music or new direction seem to learn new things and see a different take on things. Olivia was no exception.

“I think I fully own myself now, which is interesting to say because people say, ‘Well you come out with music, you should know who you are.’ They also are constantly saying ‘Find your voice,’ ‘She’s really found her voice.’ But to me art is constantly being lost, constantly questioning life and writing about it and maybe find yourself for ten songs then get lost again. That is what the definition of art is to me and I really feel that these last few months I was lost in a positive sense. I experimented with new sounds, new things and more which took me to a place that I realize this is who I am in this music and I hope everyone enjoys it.”

There is an aura of sunshine around Olivia with her fun and positive attitude. Her “Sunshine Movement” was inspiring and she tells us it continues.

“I was on social media one day and just sick of seeing all the negative posts. So many things people argue about and I thought, ‘What can I do to combat just one of these posts being blocked out. Why don’t I start putting out positive messages out there?’ From there it turned into this fun fan interaction group on my social media leading people to post positive things and adding the hashtag #SunshineMovement helped it become a really cool thing. I take it with me on tour by filming some fun videos, posting pictures like I did in Vegas where I stood outside with a sign offering FREEE HUGS and that was absolutely so much fun. I will continue to keep things going because I try to live a joyful life and it’s one thing I hope my fans can see.”

The year is almost ending, but Olivia is staying busy with her plans including a couple dates opening for Billy Ray Cyrus.

“We are thrilled to be opening up for Billy Ray on a few dates, and tonight with Brandy is an incredible honor. There is a festival coming up, new music to get ready for, more touring and working hard on trying to build the ground swell. There will be about four songs in total that will be part of the every two months plan of songs released until an EP comes out.”

Olivia’s enthusiasm, uplifting vibe is catchy and that is a great thing. We love spending time with her and once you are done here step back and catch our San Diego visit here from Moonshine Flats.

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