Fans Are Ready For The Garth Brooks World Tour Return Stop In Southern California

The excitement and anticipation rises to the top in every town that legendary show stopping country artist Garth Brooks comes to, Los Angeles is no exception. As we await the first of two weekends of shows at the Forum, July 21/22 and July 28/29, I look back at the first time I saw Garth in the 90’s till the present, realizing how long I have been a fan and knowing, once again this will be another BIG event in my lifetime.

There is not much more that can be said about Garth Brooks that hasn’t already been said. I think one of the biggest hits to fans was his retirement announcement in 2001. He delivered his last record for Capitol Records and moved back to Oklahoma to raise his three daughters. Yet for Garth retirement meant something different than what most of us think.

During that time, he released ‘The Limited Series’ boxed set, performed five shows in two days in Los Angeles in 2008 in support of F.I.R.E., an organization created to provide financial help to recent fire victims and support future fire-fighting in California. The organization received all the proceeds from the 83,000 tickets sold. (I was at four of the five shows, what a weekend). Garth went on with many other endeavors throughout his “retirement” including a four-year run in Las Vegas which I had attended twice. The concept of these shows was mesmerizing, intimate and a fine showcase of the talent this man has. To entertain for hours with just a guitar, a bar stool and bottled water is more than a gift.

Fast forward to 2014 in Chicago where the Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood made its debut. The tour is currently in its third year and has sold over 5.5 million tickets making it the biggest tour in the world. So obviously, retirement is a thing of the past for the award winning, biggest selling country artist. As he descends upon Southern California once again the frenzy is building, the fans are waiting with high anticipation knowing what is to come. There are also those who will be attending for the first time and I can say with great conviction this will be an experience nothing like they have ever seen before.

Garth also has given much of his time to others. In 1999 he started his children’s charity, now called Teammates for Kids. The foundation has worked with over 4,300 professional athletes to generate funds for children’s charities, focusing on children’s health, education, and inner-city outreach. For more information check out

Throughout his entire career, no matter at what level it was, Garth Brooks has been humble, kind, smart in business, but the biggest accolade he has achieved is his love, respect and caring for his fans. It has been all about them, keeping them in mind every step of the way and making you feel like you are the only one that matters at every show you attend. So as a long-time fan from the very beginning I can only say a very large thanks to Garth Brooks for the years of music, shows and memories he has gifted me.

We want to welcome Garth back to Southern California and wish EVERY fan a great, safe and memorable concert experience. Enjoy the madness, and the frenzy that will hang with you for days after, trust me when I make that statement. There are still a few tickets left but grab them quick at Ticketmaster

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