Toby Keith Makes His Off The Wall Songs Available In New Release – “The Bus Songs’

Like they saying goes, “It’s tough to keep up with these youngsters.” Well to me Toby Keith is still a youngster due to my age and the history making artist never seems to slow down, I want half his energy. Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2015 and set to receive the Poet’s Award from the Academy of Country Music next month, Toby has penned some of the most iconic music of his era.

Sometimes, however, his compositions aren’t built for massive airplay. They’re written too late at night. Maybe in the back of his bus with a glass of Wild Shot mezcal nearby. September 8, Toby is cracking the door and letting music fans aboard with the release of ‘The Bus Songs.’

Twelve tracks of pure, road-worthy fun, ‘The Bus Songs’ will be available for pre-order July 21 – the day after his first Nashville headlining show in 13 years. Whether it’s adult situational humor, a bit of over-imbibing or seriously funny self-deprecation, Toby lets it all hang out on ‘The Bus Songs.’

New songs include the just released track “Wacky Tobaccy,” for which the video was shot, appropriately, on a tour bus. Already viral with more than 8 million views, the clip also features the namesake of another of the album’s tracks, “Weed With Willie.” The album’s other new composition is “Shitty Golfer,” a title which pretty much speaks for itself.

Never before released recordings include new versions of “Running Block,” “Ballad Of Balad,” “Hell No” and “The Critic.” A live version of the aforementioned “Weed With Willie” has also never been previously released. “Wacky Tobaccy,” “Shitty Golfer,” “Runnin’ Block” and “Call A Marine” are available as instant gratification tracks with album pre-order. I have heard some of these songs and take them how they are meant, with artistic humor. This should be a fun album to have. For more info head on over to

‘The Bus Songs’ Full track listing:

  1. Shitty Golfer

  2. Wacky Tobaccy

  3. Runnin’ Block *

  4. Brand New Bow

  5. Call A Marine

  6. Hell No *

  7. The Critic *

  8. The Size I Wear

  9. Ballad of Balad *

  10. Rum Is The Reason

4 thoughts on “Toby Keith Makes His Off The Wall Songs Available In New Release – “The Bus Songs’

  1. Once again he proves he’s in touch with his fans, his real fans and not the “fair weather” variety. Good goin Mon Ami.

  2. Love Tobys songs : fun and great to perk up to. Anything he creates is worth listening to;; but I do wish he would put some videos out to watch ! I want them on a DVD to own and watch anytime I want !!! Love that cowboy !

  3. I agree with you Donna
    All Toby’s videos should be available to watch on DVDs

    Not everyone has internet to watch videos.

    I love Toby so very much
    He is a awesome human being.😍

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