Rising Artist Risa Binder Featured In Our Wednesday’s Watch

“I’m on a mission to bring my own style of happiness to the world with these songs. I’m a person who does what her heart tells her to do, and my goal is to make music that will get people pumped to follow their dreams.” Reading this quote from Risa Binder reminds us of just one of the reasons we all fell in love with country music in the first place. The Happiness we all felt that came from song written of love won or the pain of love loss. Risa brings honesty and spunk to her music with every word she sings.

Risa is popularly known as the city girl with a country heart and her new single “You Haul” is evidence that it is true. It is the ultimate girl anthem of any woman when enough is finally enough. When asked about how she felt recording her new single she said “I loved every minute recording ‘You Haul’ – it’s a super fun party-vibe breakup song, letting you celebrate the next part of your life after a relationship ends.  Sometimes ‘ya got to party!” It has the fire of a Miranda Lambert song with the sweetness that only Risa could bring to it. Grammy Award winning producer Luke Wotten produced “You Haul” and is also producing her EP to be released later this year.

Risa Binder is the whole package. She is bubbly, entertaining, and you feel her personality in her music. Take a listen… Just prepare yourself for the musical journey that Risa Binder will take you down. Take some time to check out her website in case there is something you may have missed.

(Written by Heidi Bryan/CMM Contributor)

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