Country Artist Tony McKee Is Setting His Own Distinguished Path – CMA Fest Interview

Going into CMA Fest again this year gave us a wide-open canvas of artists to explore. Some we just cannot get to due to time constraints and schedules. They all stand out in different ways with varied qualities but there are times when one stands alone and the schedule works. Enter country artist Tony McKee. He was new to us and after listening to his music and reading up a bit on him, he is someone who should be heard.

The stance of Tony McKee could be taken as rebel, but I see it as an artist who belongs among the ones who have stood their ground, not setting out to please those who tell them how to do it their way, and thinking outside the box doing it his way.

A native of Campbellsville, KY, Tony always had music in his blood. His entire family sang or played a musical instrument. With his mother’s love of Elvis Presley and his father’s love for George Jones and Buck Owens, these three legends became a staple in his life. From singing Gospel music to writing musical scores for movies and now forging into country music, dedication is a trait that sticks with him.

Now with his newest release, “Problem With Me,” with fellow artist, Eric Lee Beddingfield, he is bringing a new sound different from his last single, “Lightening Bugs,” off his last project, ‘American Dream.’ A stronger voice with a deeper conviction to where his road and beliefs will lead. I enjoyed Tony before the interview and during, I will always respect an artist who is not afraid to stand tall among those who stand back. Meet and enjoy Tony McKee with our visit and set his website in your favorites to not miss any news.

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