April Kry Has A Solid Strong Talent That Never Wavers – CMA Fest Interview

The strong solid voice of young female artist April Kry never wavers or fails to be impressive. I have followed her for a few years, did features on her, seen her live and have enjoyed it all. She is a firecracker who explodes in her music, along with being quite the fun fashionista. Her latest single, “While We’re Young,” highlights not only her singing but her songwriting as well.

CMA Fest is a busy time for many artists and to be able to catch some of it is an accomplishment. Finally getting to have a sit down with April was a treat for us and did not disappoint. Since her single, “Firefly,’ took off there has been no stopping this gal. We love her hard work, talent, fashion and her social media skills with her fans. So, come along with us at CMA Fest and then go back to our feature here to learn a little more. Welcome once again to April Kry.

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