Wade Hayes Hits All The Marks On “Old Country Song” – CMA Fest Interview

There are artists who make what we do so easy and singer/songwriter Wade Hayes is high on our list. He has never been shy about letting his traditional music roots show, and has gone full-on old school with his new ‘Old Country Song’ album, which is now available. The 11-cut collection of old and new songs was produced by Dave McAfee and Wade and released on Conabar records.

“I grew up listening to Haggard, Waylon and Willie – classic country artists – and they’ve all had a huge influence on my writing and my music,” said Wade. “I wanted to make a record that honored them, and I’m really proud of what we came up with.”

Wade wrote or co-wrote four of the 11 tracks and partnered with Clint Ingersoll and Mark Collie on two of the cuts. Roger Springer wrote the title cut, Jon Randall and Jessi Alexander contributed “What You Need From Me,” and Chris Stapleton penned “We Needed The Rain.” Springer also wrote “All I Know” with Tim Menzies for the album, and Wade’s first producer, Don Cook, wrote the Conway Twitty hit “Julia” with John Jarvis. The Merle Haggard/Dean Holloway tune, “Going Where the Lonely Go,” rounds out the album.

“Going Where the Lonely Go” is one of my favorite Hag tunes, Wade states. “His passing was still pretty present in my mind when we were cutting, so I decided to do it. It is also special to me because my favorite guitar picker in town and I are trading solos on the end. His are the good ones.”

“I Wish I Still Drank” is a song I wrote after a friend of mine told me one of the funniest true stories I’d ever heard. I knew I had to write a song around it. Lee Roy Parnell was actually there when it happened, so naturally I had to have him play the slide solo on it. He killed it.”

When we get an opportunity to visit with Wade we jump at it every time. The respect he has earned as a person and artist is tough to surpass. During his busy CMA Fest schedule, he set aside time to stop by to discuss his new album, his career and his pride in his annual Country Hits Back Concert. Sit a spell and catch up on our conversation. When you finish up stop by his website to keep track of his tour and get the new album, it is a win/win.

3 thoughts on “Wade Hayes Hits All The Marks On “Old Country Song” – CMA Fest Interview

  1. I love Wade Hayes! He is a singer songwriter that is true Country. His music in the
    mid-90’s were huge hits like “I’m Still Dancing With You” and “Old Enough To know
    Better” will never be old! I am thrilled to be a part of his Fan club for 6 years now and never tire of hearing all hiSs music and I support him in his endeavors. He performs with and without a full band and is an amazing guitar player. He has unique voice that projects emotion to grab your heart strings or your dancing shoes! I cannot wait to
    go to his next show!

  2. I have always liked Wade, he always came out with some some rocking good songs. When he got sick that was a tragedy. He was truly missed in the music industry. I am so glad to see him back and out with another album, I sure hope there are more to come. Wade is a miracle and he shows it in his music.

  3. Love all his music from What I Mean’t to say to Old Country Song. If nothing happens I get to meet him August 5 at Buck Wild Saloon. Super Excited

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