Ray Scott Celebrates “Guitar For Sale” With A Fan Party – CMM Interview

There is never a dull moment when spending time with country artist Ray Scott. His talent, his wit and hard work ethic make for a very solid combination. His guitar may not actually be for sale, but fans can purchase his brand-new album, ‘Guitar For Sale,’ featuring 11 songs penned/co-penned by Ray including current single “Livin’ This Way.”

Widely considered one of the most successful independent acts in country music, the acclaimed singer/songwriter’s sixth studio album is produced by Michael Hughes and is distributed by The Holland Group / Sony/RED. ‘Guitar For Sale’ has not been short on praise from those in the industry and fans will agree.

“Scott is that rare breed of contemporary country artist who still makes authentic country music about real people…” – Sports & Entertainment Nashville

“This one’s well worth every spin and I think Ray’s going to find himself with an even larger base of new fans. Hey Ray, we love your kind of music!” – Lovin’ Lyrics

Ray had a very busy and productive CMA Fest this past week with performances and meeting with fans at his own booth at FanFairX. Amidst all this a CD release party was held for his fans in appreciation for helping him pave his musical career and making this new release stand out for an Independent artist. Before the party started we had a few minutes to catch up with him and share his enthusiasm for this new project and hear what the rest of this year has in store.

‘Guitar For Sale’ is available on iTunesAmazon and at rayscott.com.  We love that Ray Scott does things his way.

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