Terra Bella Featured In Wednesday’s Watch

“We love recording and writing but Terra Bella started as a touring act and we can’t wait to get back at it.” These are words all fans like to hear from their favorite artists. The duo from central California have paved their way up and down the coast and now make Nashville their home.

Joseph and Martina Costa made the 2,200-mile move to Nashville from California’s San Joaquin Valley. After arriving, they dove head first into the songwriting community which eventually led them to producer/guitarist Johnny Garcia. From there came their first EP, “Road To Forever,” bringing us their singles, “You’ve Got That Something,” and my favorite, “Hey Mama.”

Their lyrics and sound relate to fans who want to connect with real life stories. The edginess in which they display their songs and their outstanding harmonies, pull you right in from the moment you hear them. Doing what we do allows us to catch things that others may not through PR people we know. This is a duo who we believe is a good catch.

If you don’t already know Joseph and Martina now is the time to find out, and we believe you will find them to be a joy to watch and listen to; their love for what they do cannot be denied. Stop by their website to learn more and see if they have any shows near you.

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