Ray Scott, A True Country Soul Is Featured In Flashback Friday

Our Flashback Friday song this week is Ray Scott’s “My Kind of Music.” For many, he needs no introduction and to those of you who don’t know him, it’s time to find out. Warner Brothers Records released his debut album “My Kind Of Music” in 2005 to enormous critical acclaim.

The first single and title track cracked the top 40, but a combination of label politics and radio’s reluctance to embrace his fresh approach to country traditions had him off the label less than two years later. When asked about his style of country music, Ray says, “I’m not out there wiggling my ass for anybody, so it’s about telling stories, making people smile and making them feel something”.

Luckily, his fans are feeling something new with the release of his amazing, new album, “Guitar for Sale.” About the new project, he says, “I went back a few years and recorded a handful of favorites I’ve had in my back pocket, as well as a few newer ones I loved. We live tracked this one… haven’t done that in a few years. It brought back a new energy, with a few new musicians, including the guys in my touring band. It’s a different sound, but familiar too. It was a step in a good direction.” The first song released is; “Livin’ This Way”, and you can catch it at iTunes

Ray continues to tour and for more information on him and how to order the new album which will be out June 9, go to his website.  And to catch up on our very first visit with Ray check it out here.

You won’t have to be you until Monday if you stop by for our Flashback Friday next week.

(Written by Geoff Brown/CMM Contributor)

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